Monday, May 19, 2008

the mending pile

Now, this post is really for me. Sadly, I fear most everyone will be bored. I am hoping that by posting pictures of my mending pile, I will, well, actually mend something. Some pieces (much to Aren's chagrin) have been lingering in the pile for almost two years (and have been moved four times). I will post updated pictures as I go along.

I made this dress and pattern for a friend's baby, at the last minute, a few hours before we were supposed to go over for brunch. Clearly, it didn't get finished. Somehow, I lost part of my mind and stitched it all together, thinking that I could just turn it inside out and ta da! Nope.
To do:
+ Finish serged ends.
+ Make bias tape for neck and armholes.
+ Bind neck and armholes.
+ Press.
+ Hope that the receipent hasn't grown too much in the last 2 months.

This is a Marc Jacobs shirt that my friend LW thrifted and passed on to me.
To do:
+ Shorten hem.
+ Remove pocket.
+ Put darts in back.
+ Alter sleeves?

This dress looks hideous but trust me, it's pretty cute. It's from a commercial reprint of a 60s pattern. The fit is a little strange and see through.
To do:
+ Let out CB seam a little.
+ Finish seams.
+ Insert neck and armhole facing.
+ Insert zipper.
+ Hem.
+ Find cotton slip so I can actually wear it without showing the world my bits.

I found this Pink Tartan shirt at the Sally Ann for like $5. It's a too big and the styling is a little 'mature' but it's so beautifully constructed I had to buy it.
To do:
+ Wash in warm water and dry in the dryer and hope it shrinks.
+ Adjust back darts.
+ Put in front darts.

Atrocious, black 'office' pants. For temping and event (where I am working them not attending) use only.
To do:
+ Hem.

This another thrifted item. It's Escada and made in West Germany. I love the strange, 80s, slightly spacey, utilitarian vibe. The wool is really beautiful and the construction is impecable.
To do:
+ Hem so I don't look so matornly.

I got these jeans at Zara during one their end of season madness sales. A bit weird but only $15.
To do:
+ Taper legs (Not what you expected, probably. They fit me perfectly through the waist, hips and thighs but then super wide through the rest of the leg. I love a wide leg but sadly, am very short so it's hard to pull it off).
+ Hem (like 6" off).

This is Aren's shirt that he spilled coffee down the front. Everything else about the shirt is great so I proposed to create some sort of decorative element to cover up the stains.
To do:
+ Create some sort of decorative element to cover up the stains.

Beautiful cashmere cardigan that developed holes at the elbows.
To do:
+ Hand stitch elbow patches on.

I love the print and the hand of the fabric of this shirt so much that even though it doesn't fit that well anymore, I can't give it up. So I'm going to hack it up in an effort to make it wearable.
To do:
+ Remove sleeves.
+ Put in darts/increase darts.

This is one of Aren's favorite sweaters. It's Norwegian and so warm.
To do:
+ Create elbow patch.
+ Hand stitch patch on.

I thrifted this dress at the end of last summer. Aren thought I was nuts for buying something that I could only wear a year later. There is a bit of grandma going on in the dress but I think it can be restyled so it's cuter.
To do:
+ Put in front and back darts.
+ Replace buttons.
+ Hem.

I got this dress at a costume store sale. Again, the print and the quality of fabric got me. The fit leaves a little to be desired. Also, the upper back is a little stained.
To do:
+ Either make the dress sleeveless or transform it into a halter neck dress.
+ Take in at waist.

One of my favorite summer dresses. The zipper broke when I was working an event, just before the doors opened. Some last minute wizardry made it wearable for that night but that was it.
To do:
+ Replace zipper.
+ Restitch bodice lining.

Strangely, this print is the same as the baby dress, just in another colourway. I made this ages ago but never put the zipper in. I'm not sure if I like it anymore but I should probably try wearing before I make up my mind.
To do:
+ Insert zipper.
+ Hem.

Another item that LW passed on. I love the fabric, so summery. The fit isn't quite there, check out that neckline. Whoah.
To do:
+ Remove sleeves.
+ Use sleeve fabric to create modesty panel to handle that neckline.
+ Take in side seams to tame the A line shape.
+ Remove pom-pom fringe.
+ Re-hem.

Phew. That was a long one. Hopefully I will have something to report soon.

happy victoria day!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

robins are my new favorite bird

There is a robin's nest on our front porch. It's been wonderful to watch the developments: the nest building, the mama robin sitting on the eggs (we did research, it appears that while both parents guard and feed the babies, only the mother sits on the nest), the feeding frenzy, seeing their little beaks sticking out. Two of the babies have now fledged, here's hoping they make it. Aren shot this little film while they were still all in the nest.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a few favorites right now

+Fried rice.
So good, I stir fry whatever vegetables I have on hand (in this case, carrots, ramps, cremini and shitake mushrooms) with onions/shallots, garlic and ginger, some tofu if I feel like. Near the end, I add in tamari, sesame oil and red pepper flakes. Then the brown rice. I prefer short grain. Stir, stir, mix, mix. Put in a bowl and top with chopped up nori.

+Berry ice cream
I suppose it's technically sorbet or sherbert since it has rice milk in it. For some reason, I like to call it ice cream. It's super easy to make: put frozen berries in a blender (I have been using the food processor attachment on our handheld blender stick) with fresh squeezed citrus juice (I have tried tangelo and lime separately, both delicious. You could totally have a mix of citrus, I personally don't enjoy the 5-Alive taste), a little maple syrup and a gulg or two of rice milk. Blend until very creamy and smooth. Taste and adjust accordingly.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

the garden report

We are very excited about our container garden. We have planted herbs (cilantro, thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley, oregano and chives), greens (spinach, argula, swiss chard, romaine and red lettuces), vegetables (brocoli and tomatoes), flowers (snapdragons, violas, lavender and some unidentified purple flower) and one strawberry plant. We still want to plant another variety of tomatoes, mint, sugar peas, nastriums, radishes and hot peppers. There is something very satisfying about growing your own food.

We have been watering the plants with gray water from the shower. It's so easy; just put a bucket in the shower and presto! water for the garden not the drain.