Thursday, October 19, 2006


it's been a long couple of weeks and it's not over yet. for the most part, I enjoy my life as freelancer. i work from home, i have a (mostly) flexible schedule, i work a wide variety of projects and i meet a lot of interesting people. but it's not easy. not knowing when the next gig will be means i am often working on up to 5 projects at once and not all are that interesting/challenging/inspiring. i work long hours, usually 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week. i sometimes feel isolated as it's usually just me and my sewing machine (or let's be honest, me and the mall. shopping is a huge part of my job.) that being said i can't imagine it other way. well, a little more money would be nice.

Things that are making me happy right now:
+ the colour palette of my laundry
+ this free font called 'creatures' via swissmiss
+ grey and gold
+ participating in beautiful use.
+ trying new recipes. right now, i am making 2 dinners a night - one for the freezer and one for lunch the next day. corn chowder, teriyaki vegetables and tofu, pumpkin soup, indian inspired burritos, greek rice...mostly vegan.
+ taking photos. i took a little break and i can't wait to start again! i see beautiful images everywhere.
+ having a glass of red wine with dinner.
+ all the local squashes that are available in grocery stores.
+ my cupboard for special, beautiful dishes/vases/plates. i use them all the time but in our new apartment, we have a surplus of cupboards so they get their own little spot. i like to set up different arrangements. it gives me such joy to open it up and....see all my beauties.
+ the muted range of colours that plants have at this time of year.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

recent thrifting...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

pencil case

when we first moved to toronto this summer, one of our most pressing activities was getting school supplies for a's first day of school. the perfect pencil! the smoothest roller ball! heavyweight paper but not too toothy! a binder to organize notes and handouts! good times. once it was all assembled, one glaring omission became apparent: a pencil case. most of the ones in the store were aesthically unpleasant/plastic/enormous so i set to work. everything was reused except the zipper. pictured above with my new favorite notebook by jill bliss for keeping track of cool stores/good eats/fun things in my new hood.


my first post. welcome. this blog is all about handmade crafty bits, sustainable living, being a nomad, eating well, becoming a better writer and bringing all the projects in my head to fruition.