Wednesday, October 04, 2006

pencil case

when we first moved to toronto this summer, one of our most pressing activities was getting school supplies for a's first day of school. the perfect pencil! the smoothest roller ball! heavyweight paper but not too toothy! a binder to organize notes and handouts! good times. once it was all assembled, one glaring omission became apparent: a pencil case. most of the ones in the store were aesthically unpleasant/plastic/enormous so i set to work. everything was reused except the zipper. pictured above with my new favorite notebook by jill bliss for keeping track of cool stores/good eats/fun things in my new hood.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the pencil case and jill bliss is a favorite of mine too. love your idea of creating lists of fave places in your new neighborhood.

3:59 PM  
Blogger skona said...

thanks! if i don't write things down, i forget them. i'll rememeber that i knew there's a little cafe around here somewhere but i won't remember the name, the address...

11:09 PM  

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