Monday, May 19, 2008

the mending pile

Now, this post is really for me. Sadly, I fear most everyone will be bored. I am hoping that by posting pictures of my mending pile, I will, well, actually mend something. Some pieces (much to Aren's chagrin) have been lingering in the pile for almost two years (and have been moved four times). I will post updated pictures as I go along.

I made this dress and pattern for a friend's baby, at the last minute, a few hours before we were supposed to go over for brunch. Clearly, it didn't get finished. Somehow, I lost part of my mind and stitched it all together, thinking that I could just turn it inside out and ta da! Nope.
To do:
+ Finish serged ends.
+ Make bias tape for neck and armholes.
+ Bind neck and armholes.
+ Press.
+ Hope that the receipent hasn't grown too much in the last 2 months.

This is a Marc Jacobs shirt that my friend LW thrifted and passed on to me.
To do:
+ Shorten hem.
+ Remove pocket.
+ Put darts in back.
+ Alter sleeves?

This dress looks hideous but trust me, it's pretty cute. It's from a commercial reprint of a 60s pattern. The fit is a little strange and see through.
To do:
+ Let out CB seam a little.
+ Finish seams.
+ Insert neck and armhole facing.
+ Insert zipper.
+ Hem.
+ Find cotton slip so I can actually wear it without showing the world my bits.

I found this Pink Tartan shirt at the Sally Ann for like $5. It's a too big and the styling is a little 'mature' but it's so beautifully constructed I had to buy it.
To do:
+ Wash in warm water and dry in the dryer and hope it shrinks.
+ Adjust back darts.
+ Put in front darts.

Atrocious, black 'office' pants. For temping and event (where I am working them not attending) use only.
To do:
+ Hem.

This another thrifted item. It's Escada and made in West Germany. I love the strange, 80s, slightly spacey, utilitarian vibe. The wool is really beautiful and the construction is impecable.
To do:
+ Hem so I don't look so matornly.

I got these jeans at Zara during one their end of season madness sales. A bit weird but only $15.
To do:
+ Taper legs (Not what you expected, probably. They fit me perfectly through the waist, hips and thighs but then super wide through the rest of the leg. I love a wide leg but sadly, am very short so it's hard to pull it off).
+ Hem (like 6" off).

This is Aren's shirt that he spilled coffee down the front. Everything else about the shirt is great so I proposed to create some sort of decorative element to cover up the stains.
To do:
+ Create some sort of decorative element to cover up the stains.

Beautiful cashmere cardigan that developed holes at the elbows.
To do:
+ Hand stitch elbow patches on.

I love the print and the hand of the fabric of this shirt so much that even though it doesn't fit that well anymore, I can't give it up. So I'm going to hack it up in an effort to make it wearable.
To do:
+ Remove sleeves.
+ Put in darts/increase darts.

This is one of Aren's favorite sweaters. It's Norwegian and so warm.
To do:
+ Create elbow patch.
+ Hand stitch patch on.

I thrifted this dress at the end of last summer. Aren thought I was nuts for buying something that I could only wear a year later. There is a bit of grandma going on in the dress but I think it can be restyled so it's cuter.
To do:
+ Put in front and back darts.
+ Replace buttons.
+ Hem.

I got this dress at a costume store sale. Again, the print and the quality of fabric got me. The fit leaves a little to be desired. Also, the upper back is a little stained.
To do:
+ Either make the dress sleeveless or transform it into a halter neck dress.
+ Take in at waist.

One of my favorite summer dresses. The zipper broke when I was working an event, just before the doors opened. Some last minute wizardry made it wearable for that night but that was it.
To do:
+ Replace zipper.
+ Restitch bodice lining.

Strangely, this print is the same as the baby dress, just in another colourway. I made this ages ago but never put the zipper in. I'm not sure if I like it anymore but I should probably try wearing before I make up my mind.
To do:
+ Insert zipper.
+ Hem.

Another item that LW passed on. I love the fabric, so summery. The fit isn't quite there, check out that neckline. Whoah.
To do:
+ Remove sleeves.
+ Use sleeve fabric to create modesty panel to handle that neckline.
+ Take in side seams to tame the A line shape.
+ Remove pom-pom fringe.
+ Re-hem.

Phew. That was a long one. Hopefully I will have something to report soon.


Blogger LQ said...

I find this totally interesting!! I love seeing what you've thrifted and how you are gonig to sass it up. you're an inspiration skona!

4:50 PM  
Blogger meg said...

good luck! my pile is just as big (but not as adventurous--mostly hemming). keep us updated!

1:10 AM  
Blogger skona said...

lq: thanks! hopefully the garments will turn out and not end up in the rag pile.
meg: thanks! i like your mustached characters.

7:29 PM  
Anonymous karyn @ the workroom said...

WOW, that's some mending pile! i look forward to seeing the transformations. I bet that seam ripper will come in handy!

3:18 PM  

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