Sunday, December 03, 2006

oh, tenenpompom

From this... this!
I am very pleased at how this turned out. And it was so much fun! I saw this branch on the street last month after a big storm. I immediately imagined it painted glossy white, glinting with fairy lights, our holiday tree. Luckily, A agreed and I set to work creating our tenenpompom.

The idea of only pompom decorations quickly followed once I got my sketchbook out to do some planning. This year I decided on a cool holiday colour scheme - whites, neutrals, greens, blues. I usually go with red and white but, in the apartment we are subletting right now, the couch is Santa red, so I felt it might be a bit much. Plus, every store I went to seemed to be using red as their main holiday colour and I'm not so much into conforming.
A trip to Canadian Tire provided the lights and paint (latex enamel by Krylon, I <3 it). Our garbage room's free corner (people in the building leave all sorts of unwanted odds and ends) offered up 4 lengths of 1" x4" for the base. After a quick consulation with my dad (thanks!) and the loan (in exchange for homemade chocolate chip cookies) of a compund mitre saw and jigsaw from friendly neighbors and construction was underway.

We decorated it when A got home from school last night. 80% of it is thrifted or found (yarn for pompoms, branch and lumber for base) and 25% purchased new (paint and lights). My goal right now when I am making things (or have to get a replacement for something) is to aim for 90% reclaimed/repurposed/reused/recycled or sustainable (ie. organic/renewable resource/low environmental impact).

It is so nice to have decorations. I just need to make another soft tree (you can see one of the ones I made in the picture above) and finish the menorah and we're done!


Anonymous alicia said...

I envy your tree- it's truly an inspiration! I can picture the little thought bubble popping up above your head when you saw the branch, and see your hands clasped in glee. Hmm. Maybe that's the next thing: Revaren- the graphic novel.

12:16 AM  
Anonymous cruststation said...

what a lovely project, and the end result is beautiful. love the whole recycling reclaim idea and money-saving too!

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

This is so lovely- the white really makes it pop. And pom poms, of course, make it all the cuter.

9:32 AM  
Blogger skona said...

alicia: thanks!i love the idea of a graphic novel. that would be so fun.
crustation + kelly: thanks!

9:57 AM  
Blogger LQ said...

beautiful tenenpompom! your festive decor is inspiring me to craft something up...

10:36 AM  
Blogger skona said...

lq: thanks! how's the crafting going?

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was so happy to come across your blog!

i made my own tree last year and we're using it again this's so exhilerating, isn't it?!

2:02 AM  

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