Monday, November 27, 2006

a smattering of good times

There aren't many things better than a fresh bed. I wash our linens every Saturday (my own little ritual/routine that makes me happy for some reason) and enjoy immensely climbing into clean, fresh, smooth sheets that night. It's never quite as nice as that first time, every Saturday, no matter how you straighten the sheets. Something to look forward to, I suppose.

I have been feeling the transition to winter more keenly in the last few days. Time for a new display.

I bought this angel chime this weekend at a Swedish Christmas fair. I really had a hankering for one this year. We had this exact one (A's family too) when I was little. I love how candles and light play such a role in both of our cultural heritages (Scandinavian Christian and Germanic Jewish), especially this time of year. I am planning on making a simple, modern menorah this year (my beautiful metal one is in storage).

I am also digging candles in the daytime. I never really considered this as a possibility. At the Danish Bazaar I went to a few weeks ago, the tables of the cafe area had little votives on them. It was so lovely and it struck me that I could light my candles during the day, as well. So I did.

I went to a friend's house yesterday for a CraftOn, which is where you gather at someone's house, eat yummy food, have some wine and craft. I worked on some holiday decorations and presents. I brought these linzer cookies (sans the traditional nuts as I am sadly allergic).

My sewing good times are continuing, thank goodness. I made the little rug for in front of the kitchen sink. I just have to finish the hand quilting. And I altered this pajama top with darts so it has a more pleasing, less box-like shape. I have discovered the sloping dart is best for my body and I am quite pleased with the fit of this top, fitted but not tight.

Thanks so much,k.cooper, the mention! hoping for happy accidents is one of my favorite blogs so it means a lot.


Anonymous julie said...

Loving your beautiful photos...i agree with the changing the bed idea - nothing like the first time!!
We have the privalege of receiving a handmade menorah from our 4 year old made in nursery!! Im looking forward to the candles this year...

2:55 AM  
Blogger s said...

just found you through hfha. i love love your blog. your photos are so simple and gorgeous.

i spent last night reading through the archives and was happy to see a mention of "the shitty first draft". when i was a painting student, a teacher of mine insisted that i always keep a "playtime" canvas next to whatever i was really working on. it made such a difference in my work and made me a much nicer person!



6:28 PM  
Anonymous alicia said...

Oh, seeing that little angel chime takes me right back. I really loved that when I was little. It always seemed SO magical that candles could make the angels fly round and round. Now I really want to find one.
I too have been lighting candles in the daytime. I find it helps to warm up a room, and just makes everything seem more serene somehow. Hooray for votives!

10:30 AM  
Blogger skona said...

julie: thanks!
s: thanks! i haven't thought about the fact that having a shitty first draft or a playtime canvas makes me a nicer person but you're right, it does!
alicia: there's a swedish shop on 4th, somewhere between vine and maple and one downtown on homer (possibly howe, i always get confused). maybe they would have them? glad hear you've found another way to keep that apartment "warm".

10:47 AM  

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