Friday, November 10, 2006

things that are rolling around in my brain

+ this sign. it used to be up on the wall and then one day, it was down on the sidewalk. i go by it everyday on the streetcar. i love it.
+ bread. procuring a good, healthy bread recipe that doesn't include oil and milk. bread in toronto is mediocre at best. i have a hard time paying $4-5 for a basic whole wheat loaf so i've decided to start baking my own. i have always wanted to but after a few failures, gave it up. i make my own pizza dough so it shouldn't that much harder, right? hopefully. so it was perfect timing when i read about this no-knead method of making bread on not martha today. i going to try it tonight.
+ boots. finding a cute, good quality and reasonable priced pair is tricky. i am understanding more and more each day that my old winter standby of superstars aren't gonna cut it there. so far all i have found are beautiful but expensive boots like these and these.
+ balance. right now, i am not really working on any projects for other people so my schedule is flexible. in fact, wide open. this week i have been struggling with how to allocate my time. there are house things to be finished, holiday presents to be made, jobs to apply for, prototypes for my secret project to finish, two dinners a day to make, work to be drummed up, contacts to email, muscles (not many but a few) to be exercised, a city to explore...i have yet to establish a routine that really works ie. that i follow. perhaps next week will be easier.
+ maria kalman (via lena corwin). i love her illustrations and penmanship. her work is so evocative and inspirational.
+ beautiful use. i can't wait to receive my package! it's my first swap. i hope my swap partner likes what i have sent her.
+ tidying. i like tidying. but we are living in a studio loft right now and it needs to be tidied everyday, all day. if anything is out of place, it looks/feels like a bomb has gone off. perhaps it is time for me to change my usual in-home behavior rather than doing the same old thing. a different space requires a different way of being. hmmm, will have to ponder this...


Anonymous gracia said...

Oh, that sign - how beautiful...
Yes, I would love passing that everyday too.
see you, gracia

6:25 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

hello, your blog is lovely...a great place to visit.
Im sure next week will be easier...enjoy going with the flow :)

8:12 AM  
Blogger skona said...

gracia: thanks! the sign just got taken away *sob*. i am so glad i got some pictures of it before it vanished.
julie: thanks! me too.

11:13 PM  

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