Monday, March 09, 2009

slm - mending

I have enormous amount of mending gathering dust in my studio. I totally believe in it but have a hard time finding the motivation to do any of it. Toronto Craft Alert's Get'Er Donewill hopefully inspire me to patch, hem and revive these gems from our wardrobes. Nothing like a deadline, everything has to be done by March 16. Check out the prizes, amazing!

Here's what needs to be done (from left to right):

Top Row
+ Blue and green plaid pj pants: Repair hole
+ 2 pairs of jeans: Replace top button
+ Dark jeans: Repair hole
+ Grey tshirt: Make it smaller
+ White short sleeved shirt: Cover coffee stain
+ Blue and white striped shirt: Repair rip in sleeve
+ Brown plaid shirt: Repair rip in sleeve
+ White and brown plaid shirt: Repair rip on side

Bottom Row
+ Gold metallic skirt: Make smaller
+ Black wool skirt: Hem
+ Green plaid skirt: Take in side seams and hem
+ Jean skirt: Take in CB and hem
+ White dress with pompom hem: Take off sleeves, add modesty panel, take in side seams and hem
+ White eyelet dress: Finish sleeves, add buttons to placket and hem
+ Striped pillowcase: Repair rip
+ Orange shirt: Make cuter
+ Turquoise sweater: Patch holes
+ Grey shorts: Hem

I declare a week of mending. Updates to follow!


Blogger meg said...

and I thought my mending pile was big!

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