Monday, January 12, 2009

slm - refill rather than recycle

An easy way to cut down on the amount of packaging in your life is to keep and then refill the original containers when the contents run out. A lot of health food stores, co ops, markets etc have many bulk sections not only for grains and spices but also for household products. I refill our laundry detergent, dishsoap, household cleaner and soap containers at Grassroots, a local store focusing on green products. They have an extensive household section and have just started selling Dr. Bronner's in bulk which makes me super happy.

Big Carrot also sells household and beauty products in bulk (they have lots of shampoo and conditioner). In Vancouver, Sweet Cherubim has a good selection. If you know of any other places, no matter where they are located, leave a comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just revisited Sweet Cherubim for the first time in years, and was amazed at the variety and general cleanliness of the store. A vast change from years gone by. Thanks for the tip, will do an assessment trip.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Raemers said...

rainbow grocery in sf has an amazing bulk section

3:56 AM  

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