Wednesday, November 19, 2008

diy ham

There are many tools that are essential for sewing: needles, iron, thread and chalk come readily to mind. One that often gets overlooked is a tailor's ham (and yes, it's called a ham cuz it looks like one). It's basically a firm, rounded cushion that allows you to press curved seams so they retain their original, curved shape.

For some reason, I didn't take mine with us when we moved to Toronto. I've made due for the last little while, piling sweaters or towels under a seam to create the right curve. I plan to make one as most commercially available hams are filled with sawdust rather than fiber and aren't quite as nice to work with. Have I even started on this project, project #257 out of #489? Nope. Le sigh.

I usually use the ham at The Workroom when I'm there to teach. Then one day, it hit me. The large cones of thread and yarn that I can't pass up at thrift stores could work as a stand-in, diy ham. I tried it out and success! While there are not as many options of types of curves, the yarn cone works pretty well. One caveat, I would only use one that has a natural fiber on it (the high heat and steam from the iron could cause a synthetic to melt and go icky) and that is a neutral/natural colour as the steam from the iron could cause the dye to lift and stain your project.

And that strangely shape green piece on my ham? I will hopefully be able to reveal what is it and what's part of by the end of the week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

would it be possible to add more yarn to create the shape(s)you want?

7:16 PM  

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