Friday, September 21, 2007

corn chowder

The air is cooler now and soup seemed to be just the thing. I made one of my standbys (and Aren's favorite), vegan corn chowder. Everything in the soup was locally (and mostly organic) produced. The herbs came from our little garden.

As the soup was simmering away, I felt the need for a biscuit to accompany it. This presented a bit of a problem as I don't eat butter any more nor do I use vegetable shortening. Also, I try to use as little wheat in baking as possible. Can biscuits be made with oil and spelt flour?

I was so pleased to discover, why yes! I used a recipe from my trusty Sunset Cookbook of Favorite Recipes, adding a 1/2 cup more flour and replacing the butter with oil. They are not exactly the same as biscuits made with butter and white flour as spelt makes things a little crumbly and a little more hearty. We really liked them and they will be are our new standard biscuit. They keep well, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Reva,
Your biscuits sound delicious...if you add a bit more oil and or some soft might be less crumbly...I adore corn chowder...let's make a vegan soup meal at the christmas time when you return...
all my love,

10:12 PM  

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