Monday, April 16, 2007

spring! well, not quite yet.

I made this lemon meringue pie for easter last week. Suddenly, while planning what we were going to eat (portobello mushrooms with roasted vegetables and tomato sauce and potato leek timbales), I felt the need for lemon and meringue. It must be this time of year.

After searching online for a recipe, I turned to my copy of Sunset Cookbook of Favorite Recipes. It's a great cookbook. Mostly solid recipes that turn out well and just enough 60s-cover-a-styrofoam-ball-with-coloured-cream-cheese-weirdness to be entertaining. It also belonged to my Nana. Here and there, little notes and adjustments are added in her handwriting. When I first looked at it, I found some very old coupons with her grocery lists on the back. I leave those tucked away, just the way I found them.

It turned out really well despite our lack of a pie plate.

This has been a WIP for awhile though it has evolved. Initally, I picked up this Norgewain sweater at a crazy thrift store with plans to alter it into something like this (there is so much other great stuff like this and this and this and this...).

Six months later and it was still sitting in my 'project/to mend' basket. I wondered if it would work on Aren and low and behold it fit him perfectly! Some new buttons later (off with the faux-pewter plastic, ick) and it's Aren's favourite sweater. I felt it needed a little something more, namely a crest. I sketched something up and decided on a blue and magenta colour scheme. Ta da! Aren's even-more-favorite sweater.

We were joking that it was too bad that he would only get a couple of more weeks wear out it this season. Little did we know that spring doesn't arrive in Toronto until June.


Anonymous cruststation said...

I recently came across OddMolly clothing, your picks are wonderful and love what you did to the Norwegian sweater. Your easter meal sounds delicious and that lovely lemon meringue pie, Mmm! (isn't it great family cookbooks can be personal treasures to pass down?)

7:40 AM  

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