Thursday, March 15, 2007

better late than never

Ages ago I mentioned listing my goals for the year. Um, yeah. So here it goes, 3+ months later...
+ Reduce the amount of plastic in our lives {(no more tupperware, bags for bulk foods or items wrapped in plastic) So far, so good. I have started making cloth bags to replace bags used for bulk foods and produce. Next up, getting a tiffin for Aren. I was the lucky recipent of one for Christmas (thanks Ron!)}
+ Take a real holiday with Aren
+ Finish our film (almost there!)
+ Learn how to draft patterns properly
+ Sew more of our clothes
+ Join a community garden so we can have our own fresh vegetables
+ Learn how to knit
+ Read more
+ Exercise more (on my list for, oh, the last 15 years)
+ Give only handmade gifts (by me or others)
+ Apply the same sustainable guidelines that is part of my non working life to my work, designing costumes for dance and theatre
+ Improve my correspondence skills
+ Draw everyday
+ Get a better handle on my finances (I like money but sometimes it's hard to manage)
+ Reduce the amount items that we purchase first hand


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are some great goals dude, I have great confidence that you will achieve all if not most of them because you're such an awesome gal. Also kudos on the sustainable living, I hope others will learn from your example. -LB

11:50 PM  
Blogger singne said...

you are an inspiration - your committment to some of those goals has already influenced some of our family ... decreasing use of plastics, etc. You have made many of those goals part of your life already, incremental changes lead to lasting ones. And I hope you and Aren get to have a real vacation!

12:26 PM  

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