Saturday, November 10, 2007


I seem to be having a love affair with grey as a colour to wear. It's a completely new relationship, you see. I have long enjoyed it as a text colour or wall colour, in fact the pages of my portofolio are grey, just not as a garment colour. I loved black deeply in university, rediscovered pink shortly after graduating after a decade-long stand off and embraced yellow in the last few years. But never grey.

This fall, I can't seem to get enough grey. My jacket, favorite dress, 3/4 sleeve boatneck shirt, turtle neck sweater, my spring bag (that I am still using). It feels comfortable and collected, simple and refined.

Inspired by this, I think I will explore grey this week.


Anonymous singne said...

love this!

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am doing this backwards,,,so
have answered the other postings first...the picture of the leaves
with the monochromatic view except for the hot red is quite stunning- the way you compose
your pictures and thoughts...
thinking of you, Mom

9:36 PM  

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