Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the best bread

I love bread. Chewy, crusty, with a little olive oil and sea salt, with a square of dark swiss chocolate (my nana's favorite childhood snack), fresh from le boulangerie in Paris, toasted from frozen in my kitchen, all delicious. Aren feels the same way except more. Imagine his distress when wheat was deemed to be a possible allergen by our naturopath and he was banned from eating it for a month (along with a bunch of other stuff). Spelt, rye and oats are ok so it's proably not a sensitivity to gluten (though with the help of this book, I feel confident we would continue eat delicious gluten free bread). Buying spelt bread is of course possible but it's expensive and comes covered in plastic that has to be dealt with. Time to make my own bread.

Karin Eriksson's recipe for the 'In the Kitchen With...' series over at Design*Sponge looked like my ideal bread. I didn't make until last weekend because I couldn't find fresh yeast anywhere (any Toronto peeps have some suggestions?). I found some when we were in Ottawa last week and spirited home via the train.

It lives up to the picture and the reported ease. You don't have to knead but it's less complicated than most no knead bread recipes. I have always wanted to make my own bread but haven't had great success. From now on, homemade bread every week!


Blogger singne said...

good luck with the bread ... your house is going to smell so good ... and Aren is so lucky to have you to help him with the food restrictions!

2:54 AM  
Blogger skona said...

singne: i made it again and it turned well. i was worried it might just be beginner's luck the first time. i'll bring some for you when i see you.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see baking runs in the family...
naturopathy has some interesting spins on the physical and human
condition...hope his restrictions provide clarity to the problem areas...

12:30 AM  

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