Thursday, November 29, 2007

things i have learned recently

+ Vinegar and water (half of each) takes salt stains out of leather boots.
+ Silk thread makes sewing through leather so much smoother. Plus the thread doesn't break as often.
+ Wetting a needle rather than the thread makes threading a needle much easier, via disdressed.
+ What a snow squall is like. The weather people talk about them all the time but until earlier this week, I had never witnessed one. It's very sudden, the sky gets very dark and the wind blows like crazy. With snow. And then, it's over, as quickly as it started and the sun shines.
+ If you keep your kitchen compost bucket in the freezer, you don't have to deal with fruit flies or strong smells if you don't always empty it right away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

for the life of me cannot figure out how wetting the needle makes
threading easier...explain? I have
tried embroidery with silk thread and found it exasperating...the thread caught on rough places on my hands...maybe thread is different. Am so excited about your Mom

2:36 AM  

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